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If you are a fan of the rummy game and want to know how point calculation works in the game, Crown Rummy can help you. One of the most trusted rummy sites, Crown Rummy, will offer you the best rummy experience with a super-fast rummy game table, real cash prizes and exclusive bonuses and promotions. However, before delving deeper into counting rummy points, let’s understand how point calculation works in the game.

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The Basics of Rummy

Rummy, with several variations, is a popular card game. Played with two to six players, this game forms sets and sequences using cards dealt to each player. The player who forms the required sets and sequences first is declared the winner.

  • A popular rummy variant, Point rummy, is a 13-card Indian rummy where the players play for points with a pre-decided rupee value. The player who makes the first valid declaration becomes the winner with 0 points and wins cash based on the opponent's total points. Points rummy is one of the fastest and most well-known rummy variants.
  • Gin rummy, a classic but simple card game is played by matching playing cards in 3 or 4-card sets and runs by collecting points from the unmatched cards. Once a player knocks or tries to score points in a specific round by adding mismatched cards, the distributed points are tallied and marked on paper to keep the scores. You can add different gin rummy bonus points to your score by knocking against the opponent when you have matched all your cards into runs and sets. This is known as going gin; when you do so, you automatically win bonus points.

Determining Rummy Points

So, how are the points determined when playing rummy? An online rummy points calculator can help here. However, you must know the basics to calculate the points and get up to a good score.

Points scored by a player in the rummy game carry a negative value. This means the winner of the game gets zero points. In the end, all unmatched cards in the hands of the losing player are counted against them when calculating the penalty. Rummy players need to be aware of card values to calculate points, and they must also know that the value of the game’s numbered cards is equal to their face values.

The Bottomline

So, rummy is a game of skill and rummy points calculation is one of the most important aspects of the game. Now that you know the basics, for a more engaging experience, you can play rummy and use the rummy points calculator at Crown Rummy. For more details, send an email to